ChildNet Medical Associates is an Independent Practice Association. By offering several different categories for membership, ChildNet allows physicians to participate in the manner most appropriate for his/her practice.

Contracted Network Providers:
ChildNet’s Network Participation Agreement (NPA) provides members with access to a variety of fee-for-service health plans.  In addition, providers have access to value-added services such as a Group Purchasing Program.  The NPA covers both individual and group practice arrangements; exhibits attached to the NPA define these relationships. 

To request membership as a Network Provider in ChildNet, please complete the Network Provider Request Form and return it to ChildNet. Your request will be presented to the ChildNet Board of Directors for approval.

ChildNet Network Providers may purchase a single share of ChildNet stock to become a Shareholder. Currently shares are $1,000.00 each. To request purchase of a share, please contact ChildNet.